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Alin Farcas


Alin learned to play the guitar on his own, out of sheer burning curiosity, and has been doing it for over 10 years now. All along he’s inspired others around him to get into the hobby as well, not the least of which being our very own resident wordsmith, Costin Becheanu. Alin’s proudest moments are his collaborations with Dragos Chircu, Rares Totu and Phoenix.

Jack Irons: The Steel Cowboy

An interview with Cody Fernandez
by Grizzlyface

Everyone's - or at least our - favourite word-bender is happy as beans to report he now has his own platform where nobody reads him.

You can find this (and more) of his recent works, a collaboration with yours truly, down below. Enjoy!

Bryan LaGoon


Bryan LaGoon, hailing from Seoul, Korea is an artist based in New York, United States.

As a producer, LaGoon has drawn significant inspiration from jazz and electronic music. His upcoming EP will include genres ranging from triphop, future bass, and french house.

He enjoys skateboarding, watching classic films, and currently lives with his American Eskimo named Lucy.

John Bogart

techno/deep house

John Bogart is a Dj&Producer from Romania, who started his career as a producer 2 years ago and has, since 2015, been performing genres of Tech, Techno, Deep, Minimal and Dub

His main influences are Sven Vath, Pawsa, Apollonia, Guti, Marco Carola. He performed a vinyl scratching session on the "Summer Well" Festival stage in 2015.


Melodic/Progressive metal

Fawkes' is a Melodic-Progressive Metal band who wishes to bring change through a unique mix of genres.

For them music is a different concept, without any written rules.