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I created this website for two reasons:

One of them is to promote projects, ideas, constructive work, which I think would help make other peoples' lives easier.

The second is to promote friends who I think deserve a place in contemporary art books, people whose work I enjoy and would like to share with you (be it music, design, storytelling or comicbooks).

Show your art!

Send us an email with a few details about you, a link to your work and the picture you want to be featured on our website!

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Thank you!

Here are mentions of the honourable people that helped me develop this website

Graphic designer and copywrighter:
Cristina Duminica

Photo editor:
Matei Froicu

Spelling contest winner and storyteller:
Costin Becheanu

Special ideas team:
Lucian Buzea, Cezar Baron, Radu Morariu, George Tamplaru, Adam Acosta