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The Wandering Group - DECEMBER 2018

Travel Group - Become part of the community to get amazing flight deals, travel recommendations, tips and FREE stuff daily!

Gung-Ho Geeks - NOVEMBER 2017

Hobby and geek Website - Follow us for a bevy of news, stories, how-tos, and opinion pieces touching on anything from boardgames, Kickstarter projects, books, movies, creative hobbies, history, or comics, to memes and random thoughts that pop into our heads on a daily basis.

OhBe Wandering - SEPTEMBER 2016

Travel Platform - I’m not saying I’m the end all, be all when it comes to travel tips and tricks, but I do a lot of it, and I have a lot to share, so I'm willing to bet you’ll find something useful here if you follow me on my trips. Worst case scenario, you get some cool FREE stuff to show off to your friends.

GRFrunza - APRIL 2016

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